December 2018 Exhibition

THROUGH THE FIRE  acrylic on canvas by Vanessa Cuartas

THROUGH THE FIRE acrylic on canvas by Vanessa Cuartas


Solo Exhibition Of Paintings by VANESSA CUARTAS

EXHIBITION DATES December 6 to December 29 2018

People always ask me why I paint so many horses, and what entices me to paint them with such vigour and determination. Well, anyone who knows ME knows that I have so much passion for these creatures. They were a big part of my childhood. Horseback riding lessons were also a gift that my father gave me before he passed away. He showed me how amazing these animals can be and the wild hearts they have. As time passes, things change -and even though I don’t have horses right now in my life, my soul has always been tied to them.

Painting horses reminds me of the freedom and energy I feel when riding and by simply being around them. It allows me to have a piece of my heart in all of my paintings and gives me the chance to be close to my father, always.

I paint my horses in acrylics in a modern/contemporary style. I often paint with bold colours to convey energy and movement throughout the paintings.

As an artist, I just want to keep growing and learning. For me, it’s important to learn with every work I make and continue demonstrating the passion that I feel in every painting I make.


Vanessa is an artist with a Colombian background originally from Miami, now living in Toronto. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from University of Central Florida, with an emphasis in graphic design, and later received an Art Direction Diploma from Miami Ad School. Throughout her school years and her personal time, Vanessa always found time to paint as much as she could.

As a designer by day and artist at night- her passion for painting grew stronger in recent years, when she moved to Toronto. She was new to the city and therefore did not know a lot of people, so she decided to do what she loved in her pastime, paint. She always struggled with what to paint, as the only thing she really loved were horses. Until this past year she decided to follow her instinct and paint horses in her own unique modern contemporary art style, and she has found an audience that appreciates it.

Her bold colourful pieces convey movement and a lot of positive energy, her art will attract anyone’s eye.