JIM  (Soul Kitchen) acrylic & oil print on textile 35 x 64 by VAYA

JIM (Soul Kitchen) acrylic & oil print on textile 35 x 64 by VAYA



September 5 to September 28, 2019

OPENING PARTY: Thursday September 5 2019 • 5 PM to 8 PM

VAYA UNPLUGGED/Acoustic Performance: Thursday September 19 2019 • 6 PM to 7 PM

RSVP either event to info@urbangallery.ca 


Incisive artist, without limits and prejudices, VAYA explores, mixes, meets and transcribes the darkness to the angel’s voices. An energetic claw on each canvas, VAYA dances, yes, she dances with these works and most often with a simple candlelight to be closer to the imperceptible.

"It's always a discovery the next day in daylight."

~Would she become animal or simply an expression of the painting, these faces that invite her to dance, whatever it is? 

"The limit is tiny between Madness and Genius." It's just a question of knowing how to pass the stirrup to this crazy horse that takes you to the depths. Keep your eyes closed in all confidence with it, holding the reins with your fingertips, while keeping a clear vision, discipline and flexibility.

When she has fun with a camera, VAYA plays the photographer as the muse. 

"A way of getting out of yourself and becoming your own observer is fun and fascinating".

VAYA has fun, dances, writes prayers on the souls of Legends, particularly iconic.

"I like to give a tribute to those who have suffered so much, some particles of peace over their restless souls: Isn’t it the Artist's role? Transfigure suffering into masterpieces?”