April-May 2013



Kaspara Albertsen
Patrick Lightheart
VJ McMurray
Allen Shugar
Alex Taves


Kaspara Albertsen is a Toronto-based photographer, from Norway. Working with natural lighting only, Kaspara draws inspiration from the stark drama of Northern Norway's stunning landscape. Kaspara studied performing arts in Trondheim, Norway before moving back to Halifax, Canada to complete a Bachelor in Classics at Dalhousie University, where she discovered her passion for beauty and fashion photography.

Patrick Lightheart is a digital artist and designer Living in Toronto, Canada. His primary passion is digitally enhanced photography and graphic design. His work has been displayed at Edward Day Gallery, The Pentimento Fine Art Galleryand The White House Gallery in downtown Toronto. His work has been showcased in Canadian Art Magazine, Toronto Star, Apartment Therapy.com and The Gladstone Hotel - Toronto, Canada

Valerie J McMurray paints in oil on canvas. The main focus of her work are large florals. The incredible beauty of large blooms is what attracts her to this subject. Painting in the style of the old masters allows the colours to flow from light to dark to light. The florals are produced using 2 blues, 2 reds, yellow and white. When painting, she studies the flowers in great detail and finds them very alluring and sensual. Valerie lives and works in Toronto Canada.

Allen Shugar is a Toronto-born artist who discovered the joy of oil painting in his early teen years. Since then, the creative urge has led him to explore many areas of art and design and he has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and jewellery maker. He has also developed a unique method for reverse-painting on glass. However, having never recovered from his romance with the smell of turpentine, he returns faithfully to oil-on-canvas for his most personal work. 

Alex Taves is a multi-disciplinary artist that moves between painting, mixed media and photography. Most recently he has been exploring portraiture through mixed media. Major influences on his work have been Richard Prince, Marlene Dumas and David Hockney. Alex lives in Toronto with his wife Liz and their two sons Finlay and Jasper. Alex currently leads the graphic team for Joe Fresh.