RED LADY by Kristen LeBlanc in NEW EROTICA Group Show August 2013 at URBAN GALLERY

RED LADY by Kristen LeBlanc in NEW EROTICA Group Show August 2013 at URBAN GALLERY



August 3-17, 2013

Rhianna Paul is an Ontario-based sculptor and photographer with a playful yet reflective style. Her work generally revolves around the articulation of the human body in space, power struggles between the constructed "dominant" and "non-dominant" types of bodies, and the circumstances surrounding a particular kind of body.

Tasha Paulus is a sculptor and abstract painter with a surrealist and tactile style. Her themes often examine the body with specific focus on pain, taboo, sexuality and gender. Her current work focuses on sexualizing the feared and hated ‘fat’ female body.

Aimie Botelho is a sculptress working in Toronto, where she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education. Aimie predominantly blacksmiths, often combining metalwork with wood or found objects. Her sculptures are intended to interact with the shape of the human body – to fit to, manipulate, or augment it – in a real or imagined way. The metal itself has been marked by flesh, beaten into a new form by the same body it threatens to affect.

Rachel Thomas is a sculptor and oil painter with a distinctive and unique realist style. Her themes generally revolve around strong human emotions, personal stories and memories. Her current body of work focuses on the atrocities of war, both with the loss of life and the destruction of innocence.

Kirsten LeBlanc is finding her stride with the specific medium of acrylic, but using untraditional "brushes" –her breasts. She deals mostly in the abstract.