Paintings by Beaverton ON artist LINDA LANGERAK
Sculpture by Vancouver BC artist SANDRA BILAWICH

EXHIBITION DATES: April 2-25, 2015

Linda and Sandra met several years ago at an art expo, and struck up a strong & bonding friendship. Although their artwork is created in drastically different mediums, their intent is the same, creating visual pieces that aim to make the viewer feel.


Sandra Bilawich is a Vancouver sculptor known for her inventive sculpture, incorporating materials including stone, reclaimed metal and wood. Born in Saskatchewan, she grew up in the Yukon from the age of seven. Exploring the bush and prospecting influences her work. “I love finding something that others may have overlooked. I explore its character until I uncover its potential and underlying beauty.”

Linda Langerak was born and raised in Victoria BC, moving to Toronto at 18 armed with a scholarship in Art. Growing up surrounded by majestic mountains, forest, and numerous bodies of water had a major effect on her art. “Painting is a release of emotion for me. I paint when the emotions and feelings inside me cannot be contained anymore and need to be released.“

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