artists & exhibitions

Allen Shugar
INAUGURAL EXHIBITION -Floating Leaf (2012)
Some Boys I'd Like to Know (2013)
Shifting Light (2017)

VJ McMurray -Large Flowers

Alex Taves -More Faces

Kaspara Albertsen -Lines of Symmetrical Thought

Chris Fung -"Where Two or More are Gathered in my Name"

Helene Asselbergs -What's Up With Pluto?!

Annie Mandlsohn & Robert J. Brodey
Cast Your Fate to the Wind & The Geography of Light (2013)
Vista Trails & the Geography of Light2 (2016)

Brian Bantugan -Pride, Passions & Portraits

Brian Gibson -Icons

Brenda Clews -PoemPaintings

Claude Martel -Skin Tone

Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei -Purpose

Anna Keenan & Lucy Snyder -I See

Linda Langerak -Waves of Emotion

J. David Murphy -Rainbow Country

Karen Silver -OtherWorld

Erik Chong -Shifting Borders, Seen & Unseen

Lyndon Wiebe -Lost in Travels: Solitary Confinement

Linda Langerak & Sandra Bilawich -Evoke

Khat Karim -Under My Skin

Janna Kroupko

Stephen Tricanico -Left Brain Right Brain

Nancy-Jane Price -Don't be Afraid of Colour

Fariba Mirhosseini & Stella Dai -East Meets West

Pauline Bradshaw & Mary Lynne Atkinson -Into the Woods

Joan Andal Romano -Gratiarum/Grateful

Zoe Changeun Son -Humanimal

Taylor Winnik -Travel Photography

Gary Barnett -A Closer Look

Maha Munaf -Scent of Jasmine

Kirk Sutherland -Synesthesia

Grace Dam
The Artist Unmasked
Sex Love Lies

Kris Bovenizer & Dawn Hemmy -Driftwood & Dharma

Meghan Thomas -Luminosity

Colin Nun -Prototype

Hanna Kostanski -20th Century Toronto: Intersections

Chris Marin -Passages

Mary Lynne -Atkinson Land on Fire

Donna Wise -Flights of Fancy

Andre Vittorio -Abstractions on Metal


Judith McKay -HIRAETH

Vanessa Cuartas -BRIO

Pengkuei (Ben) Huang - ‘SOLEMN PINES, FADING THINGS'


group shows

Art of Food, 2018/2014

Wild in the City Group Show 2018

Scotiabank Contact Festival: Women At Work 2018

Centennial College: 2019/2018/2017/2016/2015/2014

PRIDE TORONTO: 2018/2017/2014

Canada150 -Group Show 2017

Water: Sustaining Life/Group Show 2017

Visions of Toronto/Group Show 2016

Outside In -Photography 2015

New Erotica/Group Show of 5 Women Artists 2013

Our first group show: Spring 2013