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Paintings by artist

Left Brain
Right Brain

August 6 – 29, 2015

one of NOW MAGAZINE'S Must-See Shows

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Stephen Tricanico
Insecure Narcissist

Stephen Tricancio
Acid Watermelon

The Artist

STEPHEN TRICANICO is a 24 year old Toronto abstract expressionist/pop artist, who spent the last year allowing himself to have a heightened focus on waking up and creating every day, which has resulted in the works in this exhibition. The artists uses the insignia ‘kleeshay’ to sign his artworks.

Artist statement

With the pop works, I was trying to create a visual reinterpretation of plays on words and poetry, having pieces being based off a thought I once had. The abstracts result from wanting to do something based off a feeling, allowing the work to satisfy my left and right brain, and hopefully the viewers as well.

At the Opening Reception Thursday August 6 2015 for Stephen's show: “People look at visual art and think ‘I don’t get it’,” he says of his work. “But why can’t it be entertaining? Why can’t people come in here and laugh? If they find something out they didn’t know before and have a level of entertainment, then I accomplished what I was trying to do.”

Price List

Left Brain, Right Brain Art Works Price List (pdf)


FordhamPR :
More Exciting Pop-Art... This Time by Toronto's Own Stephen Tricanico

"Another fabulous artist’s reception at Urban Gallery tonight – the launch of their August show “Left Brain, Right Brain” by 24yr old Toronto abstract expressionist/pop artist Stephen Tricanico."

Stephen Tricanico

snapd :
Left Brain, Right Brain at Urban Gallery

Urban Gallery had another fantastic show this month titled 'Left Brain, Right Brain'. Featured was a 24 year old Toronto abstract expressionist/pop artist Stephen Tricanico. The artist, who signs his name kleeshay, spent the last year creating every day. His hard work shined through these interesting, original pieces. Thanks for having us, Urban Gallery!
Photos by Britney Townsend

Stephen Tricanico  

About Last Night: Kleeshay by Marina Koslock

"The Urban Gallery was bustling last night with throngs of people piling in for the first solo exhibition of Stephen Tricanico, better known as Kleeshay. The abstract pop artist, who dabbles predominantly in acrylic on canvas, is known for his analysis of society and play on words, with his projected images overlapping and layers of messages coded within his works. As a prequel to his opening, Kleeshay had left four of his paintings, tagged with his Instagram handle, hanging off the fence by the tennis courts of Trinity Bellwoods park."