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Photography by Karen Silver


November 6 - 29, 2014

J. David Murphy - Rock Face #2


“There is always more to see when we look from the magic that lies in the heart of nature and ourselves, beyond the mind’s eye.”

Since I can remember, I've been a storyteller. A simple conversation has always sparked a barrage of visuals that fill my mind with fantastic colors and forms.

For years my main outlet has been through the production of television commercials -a wonderful arena to learn storytelling. And although my love for this medium remains, it is the communion of photography and art that has captured my passion, and the wonders of nature, my muse.

I'm thrilled to finally be unveiling my collection of photography that promises to take you beyond the surface, revealing that which would otherwise escape the naked eye.

Drawn to the bubble as my first medium, then on to using a mirror effect in the second series, I've attempted to capture windows into the mystical realms that surround us. Through the splendor of color and manipulation of form, each photo is designed to communicate hidden messages through their visual translation.

I hope you will find my exhibit experiential and the images a reminder of the magic that is within us all.
–Karen Silver, September 2014


Excerpt from Novella Magazine review:

Silver’s photography exhibit OTHERWORLD is exactly that, another world.  At first glance, you think you’ve seen the photograph in all its entirety, until you take another look and notice something new that makes the image that much more breathtaking. Each photograph comes to life and reveals an alternate reality that is mesmerizingly majestic.

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