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Paintings by Beaverton Ontario artist Linda Langerak


Linda Langerak
Bask in the Glow

August 2 to 30, 2014

Artist Statement

Painting is a release of emotion for me. My work is based on reactions to life experiences,
stories I read or hear about, things I see etc. I paint when the emotions and feelings inside
me cannot be contained anymore and need to be released.

For me, painting is like eating, breathing, and sleeping; it truly is an extension of who I am.
My desire is that the viewer be empowered and moved by the visual display, and captivated
by the colours.

Artist Biography

Linda was born and raised in Victoria BC, before moving to Toronto at 18, armed with a
scholarship in Art. Growing up surrounded by majestic mountains, forest, and numerous
bodies of water had a major effect on her art. Several colours are used quite consistently
throughout her work. Brown, blue and green appear as a tribute to the great physical
environment which surrounds us all. Yellow represents the sun and the life/will within us.
Black is used to represent negative forces that we must face and conquer, and red is the
lifeblood that sustains us.